Mobile Blackjack

First came the internet. Then online blackjack. And then mobile phones and tablets.

It was only a matter of time before we could play mobile blackjack. And now we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Mobile blackjack is still a work in progress, of course. Many casinos seem like they’re 5 or 10 years behind.

But with a little bit of searching you can find a solid casino or two… or three… and enjoy all the benefits of playing from a mobile device.

Such as:

And a ton more.

All you have to do is find an online casino that has blackjack games for your device(s).

And that’s where we come in. On this page you’ll find information on:

Let’s get started.

What Devices Can You Play Blackjack On?

All real money casinos have blackjack games for:

Windows and BlackBerry are hit and miss.

Last I checked Drake Casino has Windows-compatible mobile games (including blackjack).

From my experience BlackBerry games are harder to find. Some obscure UK casinos (claim to) have them, while I don’t know of any US casinos that do.

If you don’t want or need to play for real money, you’ll have no problem finding blackjack apps in the app store.

What Blackjack Games Can You Play?

The biggest downside to mobile gaming is the number of games you can play – it’s not very many. So, having one or two casino accounts will severely limit how many mobile blackjack games you have access to.

My suggestion – depending on the size of your bankroll I would split up my money across 2-4 casinos. That way you will have access to and can play several kinds of blackjack and not get bored.

(American players won’t have this luxury. There are only a handful of mobile casinos, so your blackjack selection will be limited. Period.)

With that said – here are some of the mobile variants you can play from your phone or tablet (and the casinos you can join to play them).



888 Casino

Miami Club

What’s more is you can play many (if not all) of these games for free, just like you’re able to from your computer.

The one exception would be the live dealer games – they usually want only real money players since seats are (usually) limited – like a real brick and mortar casino.

For the best experience I suggest playing from your tablet (if you happen to have one). While blackjack plays just fine from your home, the games do feel cramped. I enjoy the experience more and have an easier time playing when I use my iPad.

But, then again, I have sausage-like fingers.

Either way you go real money will be an option. You can create an account and make a deposit from your device (at most casinos).

To make a deposit you can use any of the following banking methods (depending on where you live):

Most of these options will be available for withdrawals, too. And the process to making a deposit or withdrawal will be the same as what we outline on our banking hub page.

Once you sign up and make your deposit you’ll have the option to take the deposit bonus.

My suggestion – don’t do it.

My reasoning is simple. Any casino that lets you clear the bonus playing blackjack will handicap what each wager is worth to shift the odds to their favor.

(Site note: Casinos do this because blackjack has a low house edge. So, they make it harder for blackjack players to clear the bonus to ensure they make money.)

Between that and their absurd time frames (30-90 days), it would be hard enough to clear a bonus from your computer.

But then you add playing from your phone. That will be impossible.

And if you take the bonus you won’t be able to cash out anything until you complete it or until the time frame is up. If you try to cash out any sooner, you risk losing any money you won.

The bottom line – if you plan to play mobile blackjack then skip the bonus, or maybe take advantage of any small free cash offer you come across. I guarantee you’ll have a much better time if you do.