Live Dealer Blackjack

I think some people look at gambling like bookworms look at books – the real thing is always better.

Bookworms prefer holding a physical book over an e-book. They like the feel of the pages. They like the smell of the paper.

The same goes for casino blackjack players. They prefer the noise, excitement and being surrounded by people over the quietness and solitude of playing from home.

But over the last couple of years online casinos have tried to find a median. A middle ground where players can still get the brick and mortar feel, but without having to leave their home.

That middle ground – live dealer blackjack.

How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Work?

Pretty simple, actually.

Live dealer games are filmed and streamed live. This might be in a studio or in an actual casino.

Most casinos offer a handful of ‘live’ games – blackjack, baccarat and roulette are the most common.

The dealers are usually young, attractive European or Asian women. They’re usually on a schedule – so if there’s a specific dealer you like, you’ll have to play during the specific days and times they work.

Other than that the games are very much like what you’ll find in brick and mortar casinos.

How is a Live Dealer Casino Like a B&M Casino?

A live dealer game will mimic a brick and mortar casino in a few ways.

That’s it, really. Live dealer blackjack is like casino blackjack with a webcam.

Live Dealer FAQs

We get lots of questions about live dealer blackjack (and other games). Below are the most common questions we get along with our answers.

Can you count cards?


However, if you read the terms and conditions of any live dealer casino (like 5Dimes) you’ll see that most, if not all state that they’ll close your account if you’re caught counting cards.

So, can you count cards?

I think the better question is, should you?

Can I play live dealer blackjack on my phone / tablet?

Yes, although this might be hit or miss. Americans will be out of luck. Non-US players will find mobile options at 888 or Bet365.

Can I get a bonus?


Some casinos will have bonuses or offers specifically for live dealer games. And at other casinos you’ll be able to accept their standard offer (available to everyone).

Check out our casino bonus page for more information on the bonuses on offer at various casinos.

How much money will I need?

I recommend bringing a little extra money to the tables compared to normal online blackjack games. The reason being is live dealer games usually start at $3 or $5 per hand (like a real casino).

My suggestion is to bring $250 to $2,000 minimum for one hour of play at the $5 tables.

What blackjack variations can I play?

Most live blackjack games are going to be standard, multi-deck games. They’ll have a 3:2 blackjack payout, 8-deck shoe, seats for 7 players, an insurance option, etc. You might be able to split on aces or double on any two cards – or not.

The only ‘variation’ I usually see is the nationality or ethnic-background of the dealer. For example, you’ll often have the choice between an Asian or European dealer.

You might also run across variations like ‘Playboy’ dealers. In these games you’re dealt cards from a Playboy Bunny. You can find these at Microgaming casinos – which are off limits to Americans. But there’s nothing too special about these games – it’s not like they’re naked or anything.

How do I find the best live dealer casino?

The first step is to make sure the casino offers it. Especially if you’re American. Then make sure they’re legit (we can help you there).

From there you just want to make sure the casino accepts banking options you use, has a deposit bonus you’re interested in (and willing to play through), has software you can use and blackjack variations you want to play.

Straightforward stuff, really. Our reviews can help you further.