Playing Online Blackjack in the US

USA flagOnline gambling in the US is not an easy thing to do. Ever since the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 were put in effect, combined with the interpretation given by the Department of Justice in 2011 has made it illegal to bet online. Since then this has been limited to only regard the sports betting portion of gambling, thus poker and casino betting seems to be allowed back into the North American scene.

But I am not going to bore you with fancy legal jargon and long walls of texts about the US law. I am guessing that all you want to know is ‘Can I gamble online, where and how?’ The short and quick answer to the first one is, for all practical purposes, yes you can. I will go more into detail further down in the text, but if you want the swift answer, there it is.

The next step to consider after that is to find a place to play blackjack online. We have listed our recommended casinos for US players and urge you to check out each of their reviews to find the one that suits your preferences best.

Best US Casinos for Blackjack

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Legality of US Online Casinos

So is it actually legal to gamble online in the US? Well, we stated that for practical purposes it is. And there are no laws that prohibit players from gambling. The laws that are in place are prohibiting the casinos from offering games to the players.

What this means is that the government is not out to get the players that are playing online, but rather the casinos that offering their games to the public. This is why most of the US casinos you find online are operating offshore, use different domain TLDs and have trouble processing your deposits and withdrawals.

This means that you are at risk, just as the casinos are, when it comes to having your funds seized. If the casinos are not following the rules put in place they are playing a dangerous game with the US government.

All of this tells you that you should do your due dilligence when looking for an online casino in the USA. If they are not being careful your funds could be in trouble.

Banking Options in the US

We mentioned the problems that the casinos operating in the USA face. When it comes to money transactions the DoJ has made it clear that it is illegal to process these for financial entities in the US.

This makes it very hard for the casinos to find places they can allow their customers to fund their accounts. Still there are options for you out there and here are the ones we recommend you try:

Credit cards – The easiest and most convenient method that is out there. Everyone has them and it processes your transaction very quickly. The problem with it is that you can most often not withdraw your winnings back to it.

Bank Wire – Slower than the aforementioned plastic cards, but a good option that also means you can use this as a withdrawal option as well. It is much slower both ways, and can often come with some hefty fees.

Bitcoin – The online phenomenon has not dissappeared yet and if you know how to use it I would highly recommend this as an alternative. No banking fees, no problem with transactions and works both ways. You are very vulnerable to currency rates that fluctuate though, so an added gambling facet to your funds.

US Casinos FAQ

Is it legal to play online blackjack in USA?

For practical purposes: yes. And legally it is also a yes. However, there is plenty of risks associated with it given that it is NOT legal to offer online casino games to US citizens. Thus your funds stand the risk of being seized if the US shuts down the operation.

However, you personally does not risk any repercussions for playing blackjack online for real money. I have not heard of any cases where players have been prosecuted for this. I would still urge you to seek legal counsel before you go ahead with this if you are unsure about the current legislations.

Which is the best US casino?

This is a topic that mostly depends on your personal preferences, but there are still many casinos that you need to stay away from.

I would recommend doing some research and find the casinos that operate fairly, have casino licenses, are regulated and seems to be in good standing with the players themselves. There is no need for huge bonuses and promotions if the only thing the casino will do is steal your money.

A good place to start is to check our reviews of the top casinos and do some research yourself. After you have found a short list of solid operations you can start to look for which things matters more to you: big bonuses? Then Uptown Aces are your place. Want to bet on sports and play poker as well? Bovada will offer you that. Do your own research is our biggest tip here.