Playing Online Blackjack in the UK

UK flagIf you live on the British islands then you are in luck if you are looking to play blackjack online. Unlike most other regions online gambling (and brick and mortar gambling) is completely legal in all of Britain. Back in 2003 they saw that their old laws about gambling were outdated and decided to update them with regards to the new times we are now living in.

So the question for you is not whether or not if it is legal to gamble, but which online casino you should be playing at. Quite a “problem” to have, eh? If you are even a little picky in which site you deposit your funds at you can even get the security of the UK Gambling Commission who are overseeing that the online casinos operating in the UK are following their set guidelines.

And just as expected there are plenty of casinos to choose from if you reside in the UK and it is tough finding the one that fits your needs. But we have made a list over the sites that we like and play at ourselves, a decent place to start looking if we were to say so ourselves:

Best UK Casinos for Blackjack

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Is it really that good in the UK?

The short answer to that is yes. It seems that the government is a lot more progressive when it comes to gambling. Though they are a little short sighted when it comes to other indulgences, there are thankfully other things to delve into besides that. I rather have my online blackjack than these esoteric fetishes 🙂

There are plenty of perks that comes with the territory if you have the government legalizing the market. The biggest one is that they are in charge of handing out licenses and regulating the operators as we have already mentioned. But what this essentially means is that if you are being wronged by one of the online casinos you can have the government look into the matter. This is HUGE if you have been in the online gaming industry for some time. Us people that live in other parts of the world just have to hope that the casino doesn’t screw us over (and luckily that doesn’t happen often), but you are safer if you play at Bet365 for example which is a huge corporation that is even a publicly traded company. They are gonna give it their all to keep their reputation clean.

Besides the obvious great features of security, there are plenty of other reasons that the UK online gambling scene is one of the greatest. The casinos offers excellent software, huge spread of blackjack variations, other gambling games, mobile options, live dealer and many more great aspects.

And you also have the added plus that you can use almost any kind of deposit option when you are funding your account. More on that in our next section.

Banking Options in the UK

You can utilize plenty of deposit methods from the UK, and some of the best casinos will have over 50 different methods for you to choose from. Now that is service!

Still, there are some methods that are preferred over others and we will give our thoughts on what you should think about when using them:

Credit Card – Even though you have all the options available there is still hard to beat the simplicity of credit cards. Everyone has them already and they are instant when depositing. If you want to get going right away with your online blackjack adventure, you now can!

Ewallets – An alternative that we use mostly ourselves is the ewallets. If you are gambling often and tend to move funds between different casinos (for promotions, bonuses and other things) then an ewallet is a great option to speed up the transaction processes.

Examples of such are PayPal, Skrill or our favorite, Neteller. These work just like an online bank account where you can fund it from your credit card and then use that account to fund your online casino account. It takes some time to setup the first time (a few days), but after that it is smooth sailing moving funds.

There are other methods available if you have any specific you are looking for, you can surely find it. And if not you can always ask their customer service reps as they are happy to help.

UK Casinos FAQ

Is it really fully legal to gamble in the UK?

Yes it is! As long as you are over the legal age to gamble online, which is 18, and you stick to the regulated sites you are well within the written law of the UK.

Can I use PayPal to fund my betting account?

If you are from the UK you are in luck as some of the betting sites are starting to add the use of PayPal when funding, and withdrawing, funds to their account. Examples of sites that offer this are Bet365 and 888casino.