Playing Online Blackjack in India

India flagIndia is a huge market when it comes to gambling, and this is well known to the online casinos around world. They are trying to elbow their way ahead to get a piece of the pie, and why is that you might say? Because gambling in India have been illegal for a very long time. Yes, that is right – if you want to gamble online and live in India, you are going to find that the government is trying to stop you right in your tracks.

But fear not, there is more to it than simply being illegal. The laws are in somewhat of a gray area, and we will delve deeper into that, but if you are looking for a quick answer as to whether or not you can play blackjack online in India for real money, then the answer is that yes you can. You just need to get to know the rules for your specific region, what the best place to play is and how to fund your account. We are going to let you in on these details in this article.

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Online Gambling Laws in India

First thing you need to know about gambling regulations in India is that it is regulated on a state by state basis. That means that there is no one law for the whole of the nation. This means that you need to find out how the rules govern in your specific region and keep up to date with its changes.

We will also like to note that in general, gambling, both online and live, is considered illegal in India and a criminal offence. This means that if you get caught gambling you could risk getting fined up to 100 rupees and sent to prison for 1 month. Not something you like to risk for no reason.

But there have been no major cases of Indian citizens being arrested for partaking in online gambling and the reason for this seems logical enough: there is simply not enough resources available for the police forces in India to go around harassing people bothering no one. Hell, there is no resources for such nonsense anywhere in the world.

The reason we mention this is because as with most other countries where there is an online gaming ban, you can still create an account, fund it and play for real money. And knowing the above fact you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder either as no one is gonna be looking for you. You are not hurting anyone, you are simply using your own hard earned funds!

Banking Options in India

Given that it is illegal to gamble online in India, you are gonna have a hard time funding your account. Both money transfers and credit cards will be denied if you try to deposit with them at online casinos. This is but a minor nuisance though as there are other alternatives.

Your best bet in funding your account would be by using ewallets. And no, PayPal will not work I am afraid. What you need is an account with either Skrill or Neteller. We recommend the latter.

This works just like having an online bank account. You simply sign up for an account, login and purchase funds by using your regular credit card. This, unlike depositing at a casino, will not be rejected. Then you can freely deposit to casinos and withdraw your winnings back to your Neteller account. This makes moving funds around much easier if you want to change up scenery often 🙂

Indian Casinos FAQ

Is it legal to gamble in India?

As we have talked about there is a gray area. Technically it is illegal, but in practice you are not in any serious danger of getting punished for doing so.

There is also two regions that have legalized gambling. Goa and Sikkim allows for land based casinos to be setup, and Sikkim has even legalized online gambling. Since this is a state by state issue you can reckon that more will follow suit, especially considering the tax revenue it can garner.

Is it any hope for legalization of online gambling in India?

Actually yes! In the laws they have written it says that the Act shall not apply to games of skill. So far this means that betting on horses and playing rummy for real money is legal, but poker is not. Weird I know, but it seems that the government is starting to acknowledge that there are skill involved in poker.

If this can set up legal precedence for online poker, then I am betting (heh) that other gambling games are not far behind.