Playing Online Blackjack in Australia

Australian flagSo you are living down under and are looking to play blackjack online? No problem! Sort of..

You see, it is fully legal to gamble online if you live in Australia. So what is the problem then? It stems from the Interactive Gambling Act that was passed in 2001. It states that no operators are allowed to offer real money casino games to its residents. Check that again: no operators are allowed to offer gambling to the residents.

What this means is that you are free to take part in gambling at whatever site you prefer online, as long as they will take your funds. It is not illegal to be gambling online, but it is illegal to offer it to customers living in Australia. Weird right?

The reason that this is actually working out is that the government has grandfathered in a couple of online casinos that were already offering their services to the country. So newcomers are not allowed to offer their services to the public there, but those already in the market were allowed to stay. Seems kind of unfair and detrimental to a good marketplace? I agree, but there are still some solid options to be found and we have a list of them right here:

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The Interactive Gambling Act

In 2001 the government in Australia passed a law that made it illegal for online gambling operators to offer real money games to customers residing in Australia. This was an act to try to limit the predatory behavior and reduce gambling problems among the public. But now they made sure that people who gamble responsibly also got punished. Doesn’t seem fair at all.

Now what this law said was that it was only illegal to offer casino games. Using the services yourself as an Aussie resident weren’t considered an offence. This means that no citizen will be prosecuted for using any gambling services, even if the service offered is illegal. So if you are from Australia you are free to try out any online casino outfit you like, without fearing for any kind of repercussion.

It is also worth it to note that they tried to relax the rules somewhat and allow for sports betting. There is still some laws in place as no live betting is allowed and aggressive market is stopped in its tracks.

The reason that you are still able to play online is because the government of Australia only have jurisdiction in their own territory. If a casino in Europe decides to allow Aussie gamblers to create accounts then there is nothing they can do to stop them. As long as they are licensed and reputable, you should be safe when using an online casino from outside of Australia.

Banking Options in Australia

What most other countries do when they have banned online gaming is to restrict the financial institutions and making it illegal for them to transact money transfers to and from known online casinos. This is not something Australia have done, and is a good thing for the players. Better not give them any ideas maybe?

Since there are no restrictions in place you are free to use the methods you prefer and we would recommend checking out these deposit options:

Credit Cards – The gold standard for everything payment related. It is easy to process a transaction and it works quickly. If you want to get started gambling immediately, then it should take a mere 5 minutes from you have chosen your preferred casino to you have an account and funds in it.

Ewallets – Our preferred method of transacting funds online is through so called ewallets. These work like having an online bank account where you can send and receive funds to. The best one in our opinion is Neteller as it is accepted by most casino operators. It seems that PayPal is starting to catch up now among the bigger brands, and given that this allows you to pay for other stuff from the same wallet makes it a better choice if it keeps up expanding like this.