Online Blackjack For Mac Users

Apple computers find their way into more and more homes around the world every single day. Mac users, however, are still a minority and they often face problems with software incompatibility. Nowhere is this more true than when playing with online casinos.

No online casino has developed a downloadable Mac-friendly software package, but there are other ways of helping Mac users play blackjack online. Read on to learn all of the technical details or simply visit one of our favorite online casinos (listed below) to get started today.

Best Mac-Compatible Blackjack Casinos

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Streaming Casino Games

We mentioned that no online casinos offer downloadable software for Mac users, but who said you need to download anything to play blackjack online. The use of streaming no-download casino software is the most popular work-around to get Mac users up and running.

To play these streaming casino games, just go to the website of one of your favorite online blackjack casinos and create an account. This shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete, and once you are a member you can start playing instantly. Just look for the link to the no-download games, or look for a button that says “play now”.

Streaming online blackjack games will appear directly in your regular internet browser. If your game doesn’t start immediately, allow a moment for the program to load. If you get an error message, you may need to install a free plugin (probably Java or Flash). If you follow the instructions, you can make the necessary updates in only a moment.

Run Windows On Your Mac

Streaming casino games have made a lot of progress in the last few years, but downloadable software is still the gold standard for online gamblers. These games are regarded as being smoother, more visually appealing, and more reliable. If you decide that you really need to play blackjack with a downloaded software package, there is a way to run Windows on your Mac computer.

PC emulators are programs like Parallels and Fusion that allow you to run a copy of Windows on your Mac. These programs work extremely well and allow you to run Windows software as if it were Mac-compatible but the cost can be surprising.

You might be able to get a good price for your emulator, but you still have to buy a full copy of the Windows operating system which can easily cost several hundred dollars. For most blackjack players, the benefit doesn’t warrant the cost, but if you have other uses for PC software, then this investment might prove worthwhile.

Deciding What’s Right For You

Only you can decide if a PC-emulator is right for you or if you’ll stick to the streaming games, but here are a few suggestions to consider. First of all, decide what you want to do with your online casino. If you are only playing blackjack, then you shouldn’t be affected by streaming software. If you want to play more obscure or specific games, you might have to use downloaded software to meet your needs.

Before you make a decision, it might be wise to create an account and test the streaming games for yourself. If you’re satisfied, then you can stop worrying and start playing. If you’re left wanting more, you can always move towards a PC emulator at your convenience.

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