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casino-blackjack-logoWelcome to and first ever blogpost! It seems that every other website out there (and all their friends) have added one, so we thought we wouldn’t be any worse and get one ourselves. But in all seriousness this is an addition we have been pondering for some time and now that we have revamped our website we decided it were time to take the plunge and throw ourselves into the world of blogging.

The idea were that we would talk about recent news on the topic of blackjack – both off and online – where we give our own take on things. Somethings could be of interest to our readers where it could be anything from legislations and law changes to new casinos or games added that should be checked out.

We would also like to share promotions that is offered from our regular rotations of online casinos. One thing that we will teach on this website is that it is hard, but possible to play blackjack online and win money. It has gotten a lot harder, but definitely doable. But the most important thing should always be striving to have fun while you are playing. Different promotions might be less profitable than others, but they might still be plenty of fun.

Take me for example: I have been gambling online for about 10 years now and have done so profitably for all those years. Still, you will find me dabble with -EV sports bets, taking a shot at some progressive slot machines or just wasting away with a blackjack live dealer game where I practice counting just for giggles. I have found that this is more important than some tiny EV I can squeeze out of it if I just abstain from some games or promotions.

casinoblackjack-net-pre-2015-screenshotSo when there are promotions where you can win a car, a vacation or a big lump sum, I will take a stab at it if I feel like playing. For some this is the whole reason that they gamble: the chance to get a life changing score.

So that is what you can expect from this blog. News and promotions, and maybe some banter on other stuff that we would like to talk about (we will try to keep this on the low). Oh, and did we mention that we redid the website? Here is how it looked before 2015. A pretty good upgrade I would say. How do you guys like it?