Multi Deck Blackjack Strategy Tables

Multiple deck blackjack includes any game where the shoe includes four to eight decks. In the two tables below you will only find the optimal “basic” blackjack strategy for use in these multi-table games. The first table is for use when the dealer stands on soft seventeen’s while the second table applies when they must hit on soft seventeen’s .

Not sure how to read these tables? No problem. Just locate your hand on the left side and the dealer’s hand along the top of the table. Trace from these two points until you find the intersecting cell and refer to the key (bottom of table) to discover the proper play.

Dealer Stands On Soft 17 – Multi-Deck

dealer stands on 17 multi deck strategy card

Dealer Hits On Soft 17 – Multi-Deck

dealer hits on 17 multi deck strategy card

Multi-deck blackjack is particularly difficult for card counters because the size of the shoe makes it difficult to get a strong, positive count. Whether or not you are counting cards, though, the strategies found in the tables above will still work perfectly to minimize your house edge.

If you want to try this strategy out today, you can always refer to these tables (right from your computer) while playing in an online casino. If you aren’t already a member with an online casino, you should try Bodog Casino for free now.

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