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Max RubinMax Rubin is known, today, for being the resident television expert for any program covering gambling or travel. From the history channel to CBS, Rubin is becoming a household name. But there was a time, before his television success, where Rubin was known largely for his expertise in blackjack strategies such as card counting. On top of that, he gained real commercial success with, Comp City, his guide to using comp programs to get everything for free.

Blackjack Skill

For the most part, Max Rubin is not card counting coach. He may be an expert, but he is not selling those secrets to many people. The big exception is the Barona Valley Ranch Casino, just miles from San Diego where he is spilling all of his secrets. The reason? He says that Barona Valley Ranch is s his favorite casino for a wide variety of reasons, including the fact that they don’t “run off” card counters.

Even though he may be teaching this casino about card counting, he’s brought a fresh new attitude to the casino security business. He points out the fact that most “would-be” card counters are simply incompetent. As any card counter can tell you, winning big with card counting requires brains, training, and a lot of dedication.

Rubin is one of eight living members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame

In his eyes, most people do not have what it takes, so even if you let a couple of successful card counters work their black magic, they won’t win nearly as much as the copycats will lose. After implementing this new strategy, it became clear that is was working, and the concept has begun to take on a life of its own.

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As an Author

Max Rubin owes much of his current success in the gambling world to his earlier career as an author. In 1994, he published Comp City: A Guide to Free Casino Vacations. Comp City was written to teach the public how to get the most out of casino comp programs. He showed how to get free rooms, meals, drinks, and more; all with only minimal amounts of gambling. This was his ground breaking achievement that fully brought his name into mainstream culture.

The book showed creative techniques to make the casino believe that you are betting much more than you really are. He recommends that players should combine these comp techniques with even simple forms of card counting to get a synergistic effect.

Max Rubin Today

If you’d like to meet Max Rubin, there is one simple way to do that: hire him! Max calls himself a “Gambling Escort” and for $5,000, plus dinner, he’ll take you out in Las Vegas. Sure he’ll help you play, but he still isn’t giving out any card-counting secrets. Once you’re done winning big at the tables, he’ll show you the VIP treatment downtown at all of the most prestigious restaurants and clubs. As his website says, it will be “the best time you’ve ever had in Vegas (at least with an old, fat, bald married guy).”

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