James Grosjean

James Grosjean graduated with a degree from University Chicago after studying the subject of mathematics. While still in school he discovered the game of blackjack and was intrigued by the idea of advantage-play techniques like card counting. As a gambling author, a professional blackjack player, and a crusader who fights for the rights of fellow card counters, James Grosjean has played a major roll in the history of casino blackjack.

In The Public Eye

In 2006, his fellow blackjack players voted Grosjean into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. This is a serious honor and puts him in league with the best of the best. Out of all of the legendary figures to be chosen, however, Mr. Grosjean is the youngest person to be inducted in the history of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

In the same year, Grosjean was further honored by being invited to compete in CBS’s Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Although his performance was less than impressive, even the best players can’t be guaranteed to win in a tournament blackjack game.

As an Author

In the year 2000, James Grosjean published a book by the name of Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. As the title suggests, this book takes a look under the cover of every casino game to help beyond countingplayers identify possible mathematical advantages they may have.

In the course of sharing some of the most valuable gambling secrets known to man, Grosjean goes to great depths to explain proper blackjack strategy. Everything from card counting to wonging is laid out meticulously with all of the mathematics necessary to verify his explanations.

This book takes a look at a handful of other games and shows some of the other angles that can be exploited by examining dealers, cheaters, and other factors that some blackjack authors have overlooked. He also gives general life-style advice for anyone who is actually planning on becoming a professional casino gambler.

Grosjean’s Legal Battles

Even though Grosjean has enriched the game of blackjack with the introduction of his theories and experiences, he is probably most-widely known for a number of legal battles that he has engaged in. The most impressive of which involved a lawsuit he brought against Imperial Palace which was worth nearly six hundred thousand dollars. He was awarded a crushing victory on the grounds that Imperial Palace actually did illegally detain him.

He also took Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigations to court for damages, and won in both cases. He actually put Griffin Investigations (the same company that helped take down the MIT blackjack team) into bankruptcy with his costly litigation.

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