Blackjack SNG Tournaments

blackjack sng chipsBlackjack SNG’s (sit and goes) are a special type of tournament. The normal blackjack rules still apply, but the goal changes. Just like any tournament, as you play, some players get eliminated. In the end, there is only one man standing, and this is the winner.

Single Table SNG’s

The simplest form of a blackjack SNG takes place on only one table and can accommodate seven or eight players. All players at the table have to pay an admission fee and then they can start playing a standard game of blackjack with equal bankrolls. After a certain number of hands are played, the player with the smallest bankroll is eliminated and play continues. This process of regular eliminations slowly whittles away the competition until only one player is left. The last man standing is the winner of the tournament.

To reward the winner, all of the entrance fees are put together to create the prize pool. The house will probably take a small portion of this, and then it will either all be given to the winner or the top two players will both get prizes. In the case of a split prize pool, the winner should receive a significantly larger prize than his competitor who came in second place.

Multi-table Blackjack SNG’s

To make things a bit more interesting, you can use more than one table in a tournament. Commonly, two or three tables are used, but there is no real limit. As players become eliminated, you can combine tables until there are only enough players left to occupy one final table. As with single-table SNG’s, a multi-table blackjack SNG continues until only one player is still in the game.

Even though these tournaments take more time and are more difficult to win, they do offer higher payouts because more players are contributing to the prize pool. This can either result in a larger lump sum payout for the winner or an increase in the number of players who receive prizes.

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The Winning Strategy

The bare bones blackjack strategies that you are used to still apply to SNG tournaments, but there are some other considerations. Using basic strategy and counting cards are still techniques that put the odds in your favor, but there will be times in a blackjack SNG tournament where you need to break all of the rules.

As you approach an elimination hand, it’s vital to know the size of everybody’s bankrolls. If you are the low man, you need to start making some riskier moves in order to remain in the game (no matter what your normal strategies suggest). Also, if you are in a dominant position, you need to tighten up your game and protect what you’ve got. It is important to get the largest bankroll at the table (eventually), but the risk of elimination is always looming in a blackjack SNG.

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