Cheating at Blackjack

blackjack cheatingJust like every game of chance, blackjack attracts dishonest players who are looking for a surefire way to win. Because of this, casinos have state of the art security systems, complete with sophisticated cameras. These are linked to the many professionals who are keeping a vigilant eye on everyone in the building.

If you cheat, we can almost guarantee that you will be caught. Cheating in a casino is illegal around the world, and cheaters should be prosecuted in a court of law. This article might be interesting to read, but do not even think about trying to cheat using any method found in this article or elsewhere.

It’s Simple But Not Easy!

There is nothing too complicated about most blackjack cheating schemes. Most of the tactics are focused around slight of hand tricks or elementary card marking techniques. Having said that, it is very difficult to actually perform these moves without getting caught. In fact, it’s practically impossible.

The simplest option that players have is to cheat by marking cards. This can be done by scratching them with a fingernail, or bending them while they are in your possession. However, anybody who has played enough blackjack knows that you can only touch your cards with one hand at a time, and even a small amount of bending will get most dealers to speak up.

Going beyond marking, some of the more organized players may try to counterfeit a casino’s cards to introduce them into play. This is one of the more effective methods, but only if you are skilled enough with sleight of hand to make the switch while using only one hand. Most cons are not good enough to do this reliably. There is also the not-so-small matter of creating realistic counterfeits.

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Dealers May Be Involved

Most people assume that the players are trying to evade the dealer while cheating, but sometimes the two parties might actually work together. A skilled dealer can choose to deal cards from the bottom of the deck or from directly below the top card. If you look closely, you can spot this kind of activity, but most people wouldn’t even think to look. Casino security, however, watches the dealers at least as closely as they watch normal players.

For the dealer to know what cards are valuable, they may just peak at the top two cards when they think nobody is looking. This is extremely risky, but it is the simplest option. More organized cheaters might use a tool called a pegger to put tiny ridges into the edges of certain cards. For instance, a dealer might want to mark all of the ten-point cards (with a pegger) to be able to force himself to bust or prevent his accomplices from busting.

Is Card Counting Cheating?

The simple answer is no. Card counting is really just an advanced way to play as well as possible. Because it’s just a strategy, you cannot actually get in trouble for counting cards, but a casino may ask you leave their property if they recognize that you are a skilled counter. More recently, some casinos have decided to allow card counters to play. The theory being that most of the world’s blackjack card counters aren’t nearly good enough at their trade to beat the house edge.

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