PayPal Blackjack

PayPal is the most popular e-wallet solution… ever.

There, I said it.

And today I’m going to talk about how you can use PayPal to fund your blackjack account.

But, first, let’s get one thing out the way. Americans cannot use PayPal. At least not right now, and not at offshore casinos. PayPal is available only to international players.

Moving on…

What I like most about PayPal casinos is PayPal is very picky about whom they work with. That means they’ve done a lot of the legwork for you. If a casino is good enough for PayPal – in theory – they should be good enough for you, too.

There’s less worry about your money going missing in the night.

So, with that out the way let’s take a look at some of the casinos that accept PayPal. I’ll follow that up with how to setup a PayPal account and how to use them to make a deposit. Then I’ll wrap up the page with some pros/cons.

Are you ready to get started?

Blackjack Casinos That Accept PayPal

Here are some casinos that accept PayPal. There are others – but these are our favorites.

Bet365 and 888 will be the clear choices. They have tons of blackjack variations, mobile blackjack games, live dealer options and plenty of promotions.

How to Get Started with PayPal

This is simple to do.

Start by heading over to PayPal. Find and click their ‘sign up’ button.

Your next step will be to fill out your details. Give them your name, address, phone number, email, etc.

You’ll also need to choose between a personal or business account. Most people reading this can/should choose personal.

Once you fill out your details PayPal will ask you to verify your account. Open their email and click the link they send you.

Your next step will be to fund your PayPal account.

There are several ways you can do this. I find the easiest and most convenient way is to link your PayPal account to your checking account. Just give them your routing and account number, and PayPal will deposit a small amount of money. Enter that amount in PayPal (to confirm that bank account is yours) and click submit.

You’re all set.

Now, just transfer some money to your PayPal account. This might take a couple of days. Once the money hits your account you can move on to the next step.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Using PayPal

Funding your casino account is just as simple. Just follow these steps:

That’s it. Your funds should be ready for you to use.

Note: Another option you can use (if and when you have it) is PayPal’s MasterCard debit / credit card.

Using this, all you would have to do is:

  1. Go to the cashier. Choose MasterCard.
  2. Enter your card number.
  3. Enter your expiration date.
  4. Enter your CCV number.
  5. Enter how much you want to deposit.
  6. Click submit.

This is a fast option, too.

Withdrawals will be the same – only in reverse. Just request a cash out, enter your PayPal address, how much you want and then click submit.

Cash outs will take a couple of days and will cost you 3 percent in fees.

That’s all there is to it!

Advantages & Disadvantages to Using PayPal

Is PayPal right for you?

I have no idea!

But what I can tell you are some advantages and disadvantages to using PayPal. That way you can decide for yourself if using PayPal is the right choice.



And… that’s it. Really, there’s no reason not to use PayPal if it’s available to you. Check them out today and see for yourself.