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A guide on How to Pay to Play Blackjack

Banking options is the first thing you should look for when you review a casino.

Not every casino will accept the same options. This is especially key for Americans, as they don’t have enough options as is.

Not only that, but some casinos will charge fees while others won’t. One example that comes to mind is Bovada – they charge a few bucks to deposit with your credit card whereas most casinos don’t.

The same goes for cashing out your winnings.

The bottom line is you should understand what banking options exist, how they work, what they cost and what casinos accept them. That way you can make an educated decision on where to play.

The Popular Deposit Options Online Casinos Accept

Below is a list of common deposit options you can use to fund your account. Some will have links to pages that describe that option in more details (like how to use it, costs, etc).

Credit Cards – This is a broad term for brands like Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Amex). Credit/debit cards are the best option because they hit your account right away, have small, if any fees, and can be used in multiple ways to fund your account.

Neteller – This is an e-wallet only available to countries outside the US. The benefit to using Neteller is low fees and near-instant deposits.

PayPal – This is another e-wallet, only PayPal is arguably better than Neteller. What I like most about them is they only work with trusted casinos. If the casino is good enough for PayPal, chances are it’s good enough for you, too.

Other Good Options

Here are some other deposit options to consider that we have yet to cover on our site.

Money Transfers – The two biggest companies are Western Union and MoneyGram. This process is simple – all you do is go to your local office, give them money and they’ll transfer that money to an office near your casino – for a nominal fee. This is a great choice because it doesn’t leave much of a paper trail.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin isn’t as widely available as the other options. But it’s an option you should consider using – especially if you’re an American – because it’s anonymous, near-instant and it’s not regulated.

Popular Cash Out Options

Here are the most popular options for cashing out your winnings.

Checks – This is the slowest option of the bunch – about 7 to 14 days. But the fees are middle of the road.

Money Transfers – Sometimes you can use Western Union or MoneyGram to cash out. If you can you’ll receive your money in 3-7 days, but you’ll pay around 5-ish percent in fees. This can be expensive – even more expensive than wires or checks – if you’re cashing out a huge jackpot.

Bank Wires – With this option your money will be deposited directly into your bank account for a $30-$50 fee. Bank wires usually take 3-7 days.

E-wallets – This includes PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc. These options are great because the fees are small (2-4 percent) and only take a day or two to hit your account. And you can use your e-wallet to shop online, so you don’t have to wait for funds to transfer if you don’t want to.

Bitcoin – Yup, you can use bitcoin to cash out. Cash outs are usually free and can take just a few minutes to a day to hit your wallet.

Banking FAQs

We see lots of players ask the same questions over and over. So, we thought we’d write up a short page with our answers.

Is it legal for Americans to deposit to online casinos?

Well, there’s nothing that says Americans can’t make deposits – or even gamble online. The exception, of course, is if you live in a state that DOES say that.

But it IS illegal for banks and processors to complete those deposits/withdrawals per the UIGEA.

My credit card was declined – what can I do?

You have a few options:

What is the fastest deposit method?

The fastest banking option is credit and debit cards.

E-wallets are almost as fast, and come with the added benefit of being available for cash outs.

You can’t go wrong either way.

What is the fastest withdrawal method?

Bitcoin because cash outs are usually instant or take just a couple hours. Players in nearly every country can use bitcoin.

Next best cash out option – e-wallets. This is only an option for non-US blackjack players.

And for Americans I would say a bank or money transfer. I would choose based on fees if both options were available as they both take at least a couple of days to process anyways.

Have more questions we didn’t answer here? Let us know!